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Getting Started with PaidHR: Onboarding & Your First Payroll Run
Getting Started with PaidHR: Onboarding & Your First Payroll Run
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Welcome to PaidHR πŸ’™

Getting started with a new platform can be equally exciting and daunting. To simplify things, we have created this quick guide to help you through setting up your account and preparing for your first payroll run.

Follow these steps to ensure a smooth onboarding experience:

Create Account

  • If you haven't already, create your PaidHR account using our Sign-up link. Once you're logged in, you're ready to begin the onboarding process.

Add Your Company Details

  • Add your company address(es).

  • Set up statutory benefits info (pension reference number, company tax ID, etc.).

  • Complete KYC (Know Your Customer) for your virtual wallet:

    • Once approved, you will receive a virtual account number.

    • Fund this virtual account with employees' salaries.

Setup Paygrade/Paybands

Add Employees

  • Add employees individually or use the bulk upload feature.

  • If you are bulk uploading, you can choose between using PaidHR's template or yours.

  • For detailed instructions, see our guide on How to Add Employees.

Setup Payroll

  • Define your pay-schedule:

    • Monthly, Bi-weekly, or Weekly

  • Configure Payschedule settings for your first payroll

    • Cut-off day: The last day of your payroll cycle (e.g., select "Last day" for a June 30th cut-off)

    • Run day: The earliest day you can submit payroll for approval

    • Payday: The day employees are paid (this will appear on payslips)

Submit your setup for review

Once you've completed the setup:

  • Click on Submit For Review

  • An onboarding specialist will review and approve your account

  • After approval, the specialist will schedule a 1:1 personalized training session

Congratulations on getting set up with PaidHR,

We are excited to have you here ⭐

Need help? Contact our support team at [email protected]

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