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How To Add Or Update Your Company Location
How To Add Or Update Your Company Location
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Keeping your company's information up-to-date is important for maintaining accurate records. Whether you need to add a new location, update existing information, or modify other business information, the process is simple on PaidHR.

This article provides easy-to-follow steps to help you add or update your company's vital information efficiently. By following these instructions, you can make sure your organization's key details remain current across all channels.

Ready to cross "Update company info" off your to-do list for good? Let's go ahead and get started.

How to Add Company Location

  • Navigate to Company details from the Sidebar menu.

  • Scroll down to click on Manage Workplace.

  • Click on Add Workplace.

  • Fill in the information in the fields provided and click Save to finish.

How to Update Company Location

  • Click on the pencil icon beside the Workplace you need to update and click on the small pencil icon next to it. This will allow you to edit the details.

  • Once you have updated all the necessary information, click the Save button to finalize the changes.

  • That's it! You've successfully updated your company's details. The new information will now be reflected everywhere that Workspace appears.

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