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Set Up Exit Policy
Set Up Exit Policy
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As an organisation, it is important to set up policies guiding the types of exits available to employees who are about to leave the organisation. This article will guide you on how to set them up.

Navigate to Requests from the sidebar menu.

  • Select Exits from the drop-down menu

  • Click on Policies.

  • Click on Create new policy.

You will be asked to fill out two forms to create a new exit policy for your organization.

In the first form, provide the following information.

  • The policy name

  • Specify if employees are eligible for the policy when making an exit request.

  • Click Next to move to the next screen.

In the second form, you will be asked to choose which paygrades are eligible for the exit request

  • Specify the years of service required for an employee to be included in the policy

  • Specify the set age that must be attained for an employee to be included in the policy.

  • Specify the notice period between the request date and the exit date.

  • Click Finish to create your exit policy.

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