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How To Switch Between Profiles In PaidHR
How To Switch Between Profiles In PaidHR
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As an admin on PaidHR, whether you're the CEO, HR Manager, HR Officer, People Lead, or have been assigned an admin role, it's important to remember that you're also an employee. This means you might need to perform employee activities, such as applying for leave for yourself, withdrawing EWA, or other employee-related tasks.

This article will guide you on how to easily toggle between your admin profile and employee profile, ensuring you can manage both roles effectively.

To swap roles, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to PaidHR.

  • Click on the dropdown next to your name in the top right of PaidHR.

  • Click on Employee Profile to switch to your employee view.

  • Click on Admin Profile to switch to your administrative view

  • PaidHR will reload and your permissions and access will be updated to match the role you have selected

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