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Can I Change the Primary Admin of My Account?
Can I Change the Primary Admin of My Account?

The primary admin is the person who has a bird’s eye view to your account and has full access to all the permissions by default.

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Who is a Primary Admin?

A Primary Admin, also known as the Super Admin, is the backbone of your PaidHR account. As the account owner, you're responsible for:

  • Setting up the initial group of admins

  • Having full access to all features in PaidHR

Need to pass the torch? No problem. This guide will walk you through transferring Primary Admin rights to another team member. Here's how to get started:

  • On the Menu, scroll down to Settings and click on the downward arrow to reveal the options.

  • Select Roles & Permissions.

  • Look for System roles next to Custom roles at the top left of your screen.

  • Click on System roles.

  • Find Primary admin at the top of the role list and click Change admin.

  • A dropdown box will appear. Select your new Primary Admin from the list.

  • Click Done to confirm the change.

You can only make this change if you are the primary admin.

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