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How to add an asset
How to add an asset

This article will show you how to create new assets for your organization on PaidHR.

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Anything that a company gives its employees to use for work is considered a Company Asset. In PaidHR, we have the Asset feature that helps you manage this.

This helpful tool allows admins to easily track any company assets that have been distributed to employees. Using the Asset feature, admins and managers can see the asset, asset category, who has it, when it was given, when it was returned, the asset serial numbers, and notes.

Follow these steps to add new assets for your organization on PaidHR.

  • Select Assets from the sidebar menu. From the dropdown that shows, click on Assets.

  • Click on + Create a new asset.

  • Provide the following details:

    • Asset type

    • Asset name

    • Asset description

    • The employee(s) you want to assign the asset to

    • Indicate if the asset can be assigned to multiple employees

    • Click Next and the assigned employee(s) will be notified.

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